Fuzzy logic and control : intelligence, control and information


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1. Introduction.

2. Basic Concepts of Fuzzy Logic.

3. Fuzzy Sets.

4. Fuzzy Relations, Fuzzy Graphs, and Fuzzy Arithmetic.

5. Fuzzy If-Then Rules.

6. Fuzzy Implications and Approximate Reasoning.

7. Fuzzy Logic and Probability Theory.

8. Fuzzy Logic in Control Engineering.

9. Hierarchical Intelligent Control.

10. Analytical Issues in Fuzzy Logic Control.

11. Fuzzy Logic and Artificial Intelligence.

12. Fuzzy Logic in Database Management and Information Systems.

13. Fuzzy Logic in Pattern Recognition.

14. Fuzzy Model Identification.

15.Advanced Topics of Fuzzy Model Identification.

16.Neuro-Fuzzy Systems.

17. Genetic Algorithms and Fuzzy Logic.