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256 p. · 29x20.6 cm · Paperback
With more than 30 million copies sold, Schaum's are the most popular study guide on the planet. Mathematics students around the world turn to this clear and complete guide to general topology for its through introduction to the subject, including easy-to-follow explanations of topology of the line and plane and topological spaces. With 650 fully solved problems and hundreds more to solve on your own (with answers supplied), this guide can help you spend less time studying while you make better grades!
Sets and Relations Functions Cardinality, Order Topology of the Line and Plane Topological Spaces Definitions Bases and Subbases Continuity and Topological Equivalence Metric and Normed Spaces Countability Separation Axioms Compactness Product Spaces Connectedness Complete Metric Spaces Function Spaces Appendix Properties of the Real Numbers