Geohazards : natural and human (Paper)


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The first full-colour book on the market and the only text to thoroughly cover both geologic hazards and environmental problems. Extremely current and up-to-date coverage of volcanoes, earthquakes, flooding, landslides along with separate chapters on pollution, surface water, ground water, landslides, subsidence/ collapse, air pollution, and comprehensive four-chapter treatment of coastal zones.
1. The Geologic Hazards of Living on Earth.
2. Earths Interior.
3. Earths Surface.
4. Volcanic Hazards.
5. Earthquake Hazards.
6. Soil Erosion and Sediment Pollution.
7. Streams.
8. Groundwater.
9. Landslides.
10. Subsidence and Collapse.
11. Atmospheric Geohazards.
12. Waste Disposal and Geohazards.
13. Estuarine and Wetland Problems.
14. Problems of Mangrove Wetlands and Coral Reefs.
15. Coastal Problems.
16. Severe Weather Hazards.
  • Unique full-color art program.
  • Contains a wealth of instructive photographs and illustrations to engage students and bring the material to life.
  • Offers many conceptual diagrams on hazard processes never treated before such as how levees fail, liquefaction in earthquakes, pollution processes in estuaries, dredging effects and pollutant concentration.
  • Explores the fundamental environmental principles and internal and external geologic processes early (in the first 3 chapters) to provide students, especially non-majors, with a sound, basic geologic background.
  • Examples in book have been chosen to be as geographically diverse as possible. For example, the chapter on estuaries discusses New York Harbor, Charleston Harbor, and San Francisco Bay.
  • Unique - includes