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1. Angular Unconformities and Nonconformities
2. Angular Unconformities, Nonconformities, and
3. Atmospheric Energy Balance
4. Atmospheric Stability
5. Atmospheric Stability and Saturation Control This modified version of our 'Atmospheric Stability'
animation also allows manipulation of the saturation level in Stage 3.
6. Beach Drift and Longshore Currents
7. Calcareous Ooze and the Calcite Compensation Depth NEW to the 4e, this animation shows how calcareous ooze can be found beneath the calcite
compensation depth (CCD), even though at depths below the CCD, calcareous ooze dissolves.
8. Caldera Formation
9. Caldera Formation: Crater Lake
10. Coastal Stabilization Structures
11. Cold Fronts and Warm Fronts
12. Cones of Depression
13. Convection and Tectonics
14. Convergent Margins: India-Asia Collision 1
15. Convergent Margins: India-Asia Collision 2 NEW to the 4e, this modified version of 'Convergent Margins: India-Asia Collision 1' has an alternate ocean floor map at the beginning as well as auto-pauses and
additional profiles at 55, 38, and 10 million years ago.
16. Coriolis Effect
17. Cross-Bedding
18. Cyclones and Anticyclones
19. Daily Movement of the Deep Scattering Layer NEW to the 4e, this animation shows the daily movement of the ocean's deep scattering layer (DSL) as well as examples of the organisms that comprise it.
20. Divergent Boundary Formation
21. Dry Compaction and Liquefaction
22. Earth-Sun Relations This revised animation now includes a 'Continuous Play' feature.
23. Earth's Water and the Hydrologic Cycle
24. Ekman Spiral and Coastal Upwelling/Downwelling NEW to the 4e, this animation shows how an Ekman spiral forms in surface waters due to wind. It also demonstrates how coastal winds in both hemispheres produce upwelling or downwelling.
25. Elastic Rebound
26. El Niño and La Niña
27. Erosion of Deformed Sedimentary Rock
28. Exposing Metamorphic Rock
29. Faults
30. Folds
31. Foliation of Metamorphic Rock
32. Foliation Processes
33. Fractional Crystallization
34. Glacial Advance and Retreat 1
35. Glacial Advance and Retreat 2
36. Glacial Isostasy
37. Glacial Processes 1
38. Glacial Processes 2
39. Global Geography Through Geologic Time
40. Global Warming
41. Global Wind Patterns
42. Global Wind Patterns with Hadley Cells
43. Hot Spot Volcano Tracks
44. Hurricane Wind Patterns
45. Igneous Features and Landforms
46. Inclination and Declination
47. Jet Stream and Rossby Waves
48. Kelvin Calculation of Earth's Age
49. Lava Lamp Convection
50. Magma Rising from the Mantle
51. Mantle and Core Dimensions
52. Mantle Melting and Plate Tectonics
53. Mantle Melting and Pressure-Temperature Graphs
54. Mass Movements: Five Main Types
55. Mass Movements: Uplift and Mass Movement
56. Midlatitude Cyclones
57. Motion at Plate Boundaries
58. Mount St. Helens, Washington: Debris Avalanche and Eruption
59. Natural Levee Development with Flooding
60. Nebular Hypothesis of Solar System Formation
61. Ocean Circulation
62. Oceanic Midlatitude Productivity
63. Ozone Depletion
64. Pangaea Breakup
65. Physical Weathering
66. Plate Boundary Features
67. Radioactive Decay
68. Relative and Absolute Motion
69. Relative Geologic Dating 1
70. Relative Geologic Dating 2
71. Seafloor Spreading and Magnetization
72. Seafloor Spreading and Plate Boundaries
73. Seamounts/Tablemounts and Coral Reef Stages NEW to the 4e, this animation shows how sea­mounts and tablemounts are created at a mid