Gerontological nursing


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The second edition of Patricia Tabloski's Gerontological Nursingis a comprehensive, research-basedbook that will guide nursing students in their care of older patients. The book presents information related to normal and pathological changes of aging, with an emphasis on the critical information that nurses need for assessment, diagnosis, planning and evaluating care outcomes for their older clients. Bolstered by current research in nursing, medicine, sociology and psychology, this book combines information on medical-surgical care for older patients with issues facing the older population. It emphasizes both critical thinking and application of the nursing process to give students the confidence they need to provide the highest level of care. New to this edition are Complementary and Alternative Therapies that help readers understand therapies that can supplement traditional medicine.
Unit OneFoundations of Nursing Practice, 1
1.Principles of Gerontology, 2
2.Gerontological Nursing Issues, 27
3.Principles of Geriatrics, 54
Unit TwoChallenges of Aging and the Cornerstones of Excellence in Nursing Care, 83
4.Cultural Diversity, 84
5.Nutrition and Aging, 110
6.Pharmacology and Older Adults, 155
7.Psychological and Cognitive Function, 188
8.Sleep and the Older Adult, 224
9.Pain Management, 249
10.Violence and Elder Mistreatment, 271
11.Care of the Dying, 293
Unit ThreePhysiological Basis of Practice, 327
12.The Integument, 328
13.The Mouth and Oral Cavity, 365
14.Sensation: Hearing, Vision, Taste, Touch, and Smell, 383
15.The Cardiovascular System, 421
16.The Respiratory System, 459
17.The Genitourinary and Renal Systems, 517
18.The Musculoskeletal System, 551
19.The Endocrine System, 600
20.The Gastrointestinal System, 642
21.The Hematologic System, 684
22.The Neurologic System, 711
23.The Immune System, 754
24.Multisystem Problems: Caring for Frail Elders With Comorbidities, 787
Appendix A, 819
Appendix B, 821
Index, 831