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First published in 1943, VITAMINS AND HORMONES is the longest-running serial published by Academic Press. In the early days of the Serial, the subjects of vitamins and hormones were quite distinct. The Editorial Board now reflects expertise in the field of hormone action, vitamin action, X-ray crystal structure, physiology, and enzyme mechanisms.

Under the capable and qualified editorial leadership of Dr. Gerald Litwack, VITAMINS AND HORMONES continues to publish cutting-edge reviews of interest to endocrinologists, biochemists, nutritionists, pharmacologists, cell biologists, and molecular biologists. Others interested in the structure and function of biologically active molecules like hormones and vitamins will, as always, turn to this series for comprehensive reviews by leading contributors to this and related disciplines.
The Structure of Ghrelin
Biochemistry of Ghrelin Precursor Peptides
Structure of Mammalian and Non-Mammalian Ghrelins
The Growth Hormone Secretagogue Receptor
Basic Aspects of Ghrelin Action
Appetite and Metabolic Effects of Ghrelin and Cannabinoids - Involvement of AMP-Activated Protein Kinase (AMPK)
Ghrelin and Feedback Systems
Ghrelin Gene-Related Peptides Modulate Rat White Adiposity
Cardiac, Skeletal and Smooth Muscle Regulation by Ghrelin
Ghrelin and Bone
Ghrelin in Pregnancy and Lactation
Ghrelin and Reproduction: Ghrelin as Novel Regulator of the Gonadotropic Axis
Ghrelin and Prostate Cancer