Government by the people, national, state, and local, 2009 edition (23rd ed )


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Building on decades of authoritative scholarship, this completely updated text continues to offer accessible, carefully crafted, and straightforward coverage of the foundations of American politics, as well consistent focus on the achievements of a government by the people

In an increasingly cynical world, GBTP emphasizes that politics matters and encourages, motivates, and even inspires studentswith accounts of individual and collective acts of courageousness, intellect, and integrity in the political arenato be effective and informed citizens.

With each chapter now framed by nationally-selected learning objectives and chapter mastery self-tests, several compelling new features, and an all new contemporary design, this thoroughly updated Twenty-Third Edition continues in the book's long tradition for excellence. The National, State, and Local Edition includes the exact same coverage as the National verion, but with additional chapters devoted to State & Local Politics. As we enter this very complex political era, there is no more reliable or more relevant text to help you advance your students from being simple onlookers to knowledgeable participants in the American political experience.

Part I

Constitutional Principles

Chapter 1: Constitutional Democracy

Chapter 2: The Living Constitution

Chapter 3: American Federalism

Part II

The Political Process

Chapter 4: Political Culture and Ideology

Chapter 5: The American Political Landscape

Chapter 6: Interest Groups: The Politics of Influence

Chapter 7: Political Parties: Essential to Democracy

Chapter 8: Public Opinion, Participation, and Voting

Chapter 9: Campaigns and Elections: Democracy in Action

Chapter 10: The Media and American Politics

Part III

Policy-Making Institutions

Chapter 11: Congress: The People's Branch

Chapter 12: The Presidency: The Leadership Branch

Chapter 13: The Federal Bureaucracy: Executing the Laws

Chapter 14: The Judiciary: The Balancing Branch

Part IV

Rights and Liberties

Chapter 15: First Amendment Freedoms

Chapter 16: Rights to Life, Liberty, and Property

Chapter 17: Equal Rights under the Law

Part V

The Politics of National Policy

Chapter 18: Making Economic and Regulatory Policy

Chapter 19: Making Social Policy

Chapter 20: Making Foreign and Defense Policy

Part VI

State and Local Government

Chapter 21: State and Local Politics: Who Governs?

Chapter 22: State Constitutions: Charters or Straitjackets?

Chapter 23: Parties and Elections in the States

Chapter 24: State Legislatures

Chapter 25: State Governors

Chapter 26: Judges and Justice in the States

Chapter 27: Local Governments and Metropolitics

Chapter 28: Making State and Local Policy

Chapter 29: Staffing and Financing State and Local Governments