Green building fundamentals (2nd ed )


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This book helps readers understand the fundamental concepts of sustainable design and green building practices, which will soon become common practice on every project. It is also intended as a practical study guide for theLEED Green Associate exam, with a step-by-step study guide and an assessment (a practice exam with 80 questions and a focused discussion for each example). This book includes a discussion on why this topic is important to understand, practice, and teach along withpractical examples of methods that are being used to increase a project's environmental performance andadditional study resources/references. Some features include:

  • Covers cost implications of green building practices, including initial investments, long-term cost benefits, and current market trends.
  • Providesa practical guide to understanding fundamental sustainable design and green building practices.
  • Includes a Focused Study Guide that helps readers prepare for the LEED-Green Associate exam.
  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Green Building Fundamentals

    Chapter 2: Sustainability and the Building Industry

    Chapter 3: Sustainable Design and Green Building

    Chapter 4: Evaluating Cost Implication of Green Building

    Chapter 5: Site Development Considerations

    Chapter 6: Managing Site Water Runoff

    Chapter 7: Improving a Project's Water Use Efficiency

    Chapter 8: Improving a Building's Energy Efficiency

    Chapter 9: Using Renewable Energy Sources

    Chapter 10: Generating Power On-Site Using Renewable Energy Sources

    Chapter 11: Improving a Building's Material Use

    Chapter 12: Improving a Building's Indoor Environment Quality

    Chapter 13: Improving the Building Industries' Environmental Performance: The USGBC LEED® Green Building Rating System

    Chapter 14: Improving Individual Environmental Performance: Becoming a LEED Accredited Professional (LEEDAP)

    APPENDIX A: LEED-NC v2.2 Project Checklist

    APPENDIX B: LEED-NC v2.2 Green Building Rating System Worksheet

    APPENDIX C: LEEDAP Study Assessment Guide

    APPENDIX D: LEEDAP Study Assessment Guide Answer Key