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512 p. · 18.5x23.1 cm · Hardback
Group Dynamics: A User's Guide represents a new applications based approach to the subject of Group Dynamics. By integrating theory, research, practical applications and examples, the author invites the student to discuss controversial issues and explore research in a hands on manner. This unique presentation provides a powerful means of understanding group theory for undergraduate students of psychology, sociology, social work, recreation, communication and business. A liberal use of specific examples and an informal writing style encourages students to 'imagine themselves as subjects' in various studies'a proven approach that engages the reader in the material.
1 Basic Group Principles 2 Why People Form and Choose Groups 3 Group Development and Socialization 4 Communication in Groups 5 Influence Processes in Groups 6 Group Productivity 7 Decision Making 8 Leadership and Power 9 Intra- and Intergroup Conflict 10 Social Dilemmas: A Special Case of Conflict 11 Stress and Social Change