Guide to Human Genome Computing (2nd Ed.)


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The Guide to Human Genome Computing is invaluable to scientists who wish to make use of the powerful computing tools now available to assist them in the field of human genome analysis. This book clearly explains access and use of sequence databases, and presents the various computer packages used to analyze DNA sequences, measure linkage analysis, compare and align DNA sequences from different genes or organisms, and infer structural and functional information about proteins from sequence data.
This Second Edition contains completely updated material. Rather than a revision of the previous volume, the Second Edition is essentially a new book, based on the subjects which will be of interest over the coming years. This new book is international, both in scope and authorship.

Computing resources for the following are clearly explained:
* Internet resources - databases etc.
* Genetic analysis
* Sib-pair studies
* Comparative mapping
* Radiation hybrids
* Sequence ready clone maps
* Human genome sequencing
* ESTs
* Gene prediction
* Gene expression
L. Stein, Introduction to Human Genome Computing via the World Wide Web.
M. Rhodes and R. Elaswarapu, Biological Materials and Services.
S. Bryant, Managing Pedigree and Genotype Data.
P. Sham and J. Zhao, Linkage Analysis Using Affected Sib-Pairs.
M. Bishop, Comparative Mapping in Man and Vertebrates.
L. McCarthy and C. Soderland, Radiation Hybrid Mapping.
C. Soderland, S. Gregory, and I. Dunham, Sequence Ready Clone Maps.
S. Dear, Software for Human Genome Sequencing.
G. Slater, Human EST Sequences.
L. Milanesi and I. Rogozin, Prediction of Human Gene Structure.
A. Krogh, Gene Finding: Putting the Parts Together.
D. Davidson and C. Dubreuil, Gene Expression Databases.