Handbook of special librarianship and information work (7th ed' 97)


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The role of the special librarian in the electronic era. Analyzing the organisation's information needs. The subject approach to managing information. Resourcing the information centre. Understanding end-users. Knowledge management. The Internet. IT in the information centre. The enquiry service. Serials management. Records management. Dissemination of information. Copyright. Data protection and the information manager. Liability for information provision. Managing people. Marketing the information service. Towards the electronic library.
The handbook provides a state of the art review of current special library information practice. The 7th edition provides an update to the core information management subject areas (the acquisition, organisation and dissemination of information) as well as incorporating new areas of expertise now required by information professionals, such as making optimum use of the Internet. The handbook also contains a number of case studies illustrating innovative applications of technology in a special information context.