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Harvested Forages deals with the subject of food for domestic animal feeding. Such food is called "forage" and includes things like alfalfa and other plants usually referred to as "hay." Topics include the ways that this forage is produced, how it is harvested, and ways that it should be stored. Other issues that are dealt with include various criteria and measurement procedures for assessing forage nutritive quality, potential health hazards associated with particular plants and plant toxins, and various issues of plant growth, pest control, and soil fertility--among other topics. This book is essential for any institution with a strong program in range sciences, animal sciences, animal feeding and nutrition, and related programs.

Key Features
* Synthesizes and summarizes a vast and widely dispersed literature in animal science
* Serves as a reference for managers of harvested forages as well as all those involved with the forage production industry
Introduction to Harvested Forages.
The Role of Harvested Forages.
Utilizing Harvested Forages:
Forage Quality: The Basics.
Marketing Harvested Forages.
Forages and Animal Nutrition: The Basics.
Feeding Harvested Forages.
Anti-Health Factors in Harvested Forages.
Growing and Producing Forage Crops:
Plant Growth, Development, Longevity.
Cultivar Selection.
Establishment of Forage Species.
Pest Control: Weeds, Insects, Pathogens, and Rodents:
Soil Fertility and Forage Production.
Water Relations and Irrigation.
Harvesting and Storing Forage Crops:
Field-Harvesting Hay.
Field-Harvesting Silage.
Forage-Harvesting Equipment.
Processing and Storing Hay.
Processing and Storing Silage.
Upper-division college students; researchers, producers, and professional consultants in the forage production industry.