Head and Neck Cancer
Emerging Perspectives


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By detailing experimental and basic research, from premalignancy to fully invasive tumors, this book has wide applicability to all human carcinomas. No other group of human cancers is better positioned for the application of recently developed novel and targeted therapies, and this book uniquely presents the unusual opportunities tumors of the head and neck provide for clinical, translational, and basic science research. Cutting-edge and experimental treatment approaches are presented, along with future strategies and an evaluation of emerging technologies.

Key Features
* Presents a multi-disciplinary perspective from authorities in diverse fields
* Addresses state-of-the art approaches in cancer research as well as other scientific opportunities in this field
* Provides comprehensive yet easily comprehendible source of information
Basic Molecular Mechanisms.
Prevention and Detection.
Current Approaches.
Novel Approaches.
Cancer researchers and oncologists interested in head and neck carcinomas.