Heat transfer, 2nd ed 1998


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The success of Anthony Mill's Basic Heat and Mass Transfer and Heat Transfer continues with two new editions for 1999. The careful ordering of topics in each chapter leads students gradually from introductory concepts to advanced material, eliminating road blocks to developing solid engineering problem-solving skills. The integrated coverage of design principles and the wide variety of exercises based on current heat and mass transfer technologies encourages students to think like engineers, better preparing them for the engineering workplace.
1. Elementary Heat Transfer.
2. Steady One-Dimensional Heat Conduction.
3. Multidimensional and Unsteady Conduction.
4. Convection Fundamentals and Correlations.
5. Convection Analysis.
6. Thermal Radiation.
7. Condensation, Evaporation, and Boiling.
8. Heat Exchangers.
  • 300 new exercises.