Heterogeneous Materials
Nonlinear and Breakdown Properties and Atomistic Modeling


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This monograph describes and discusses the properties of heterogeneous materials, comparing two fundamental approaches to describing and predicting materials’ properties. This multidisciplinary book will appeal to applied physicists, materials scientists, chemical and mechanical engineers, chemists, and applied mathematicians.

Introduction to Volume II * Characterization of Surface Morphology * Nonlinear Conductivity and Dielectric Constant: the Continuum Approach * Nonlinear Conductivity, Dielectric Constant and Optical Properties: The Discrete Approach * Nonlinear Rigidity and Elastic Moduli: The Continuum Approach * Electrical and Dielectric Breakdown: The Discrete Approach * Fracture: Basic Concepts and Experimental Techniques * Brittle Fracture: The Continuum Approach * Brittle Fracture: The Discrete Approach * Atomistic Modeling of Materials * Multiscale Modeling of Materials: Joining Atomistic Models with Continuum Mechanics * References * Index