High Dynamic Range Imaging (2nd Ed.)
Acquisition, Display, and Image-Based Lighting


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688 p. · 19.1x23.5 cm · Hardback

This landmark book is the first to describe HDRI technology in its entirety and covers a wide-range of topics, from capture devices to tone reproduction and image-based lighting. The techniques described enable you to produce images that have a dynamic range much closer to that found in the real world, leading to an unparalleled visual experience. As both an introduction to the field and an authoritative technical reference, it is essential to anyone working with images, whether in computer graphics, film, video, photography, or lighting design.

  • New material includes chapters on High Dynamic Range Video Encoding, High Dynamic Range Image Encoding, and High Dynammic Range Display Devices
  • Written by the inventors and initial implementors of High Dynamic Range Imaging
  • Covers the basic concepts (including just enough about human vision to explain why HDR images are necessary), image capture, image encoding, file formats, display techniques, tone mapping for lower dynamic range display, and the use of HDR images and calculations in 3D rendering
  • Range and depth of coverage is good for the knowledgeable researcher as well as those who are just starting to learn about High Dynamic Range imaging
  • The prior edition of this book included a DVD-ROM. Files from the DVD-ROM can be accessed at:

Introduction; Light and Color; HDR Image Encodings; HDR Video Encodings; HDR Image and Video Capture; Display Devices; The Human Visual System and HDR Tone Mapping; Spatial Tone Reproduction; Frequency Domain and Gradient Domain Tone Reproduction; Inverse Tone Reproduction; Visible Difference Predictors; Image-Based Lighting.
R&D Professionals in computer graphics, digital design and visualization. Visual effects artists in entertainment industry (including interactive entertainment/games). Engineering staff (i.e. coders, implementors of HDRI) at HDRI display/sensor manufacturers (e.g., Phillips, Samsung).