Hospital Preparation for Bioterror
A Medical and Biomedical Systems Approach

Biomedical Engineering Series


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Hospital Preparation for Bioterror provides an extremely timely guide to improving the readiness of hospitals or healthcare organizations to manage mass casualties as a result of bioterrorism, biological warfare, and natural disasters. Contributions from leading law enforcement agencies, hospital administrators, clinical engineers, surgeons and terror-prevention professionals provide the most comprehensive, well-rounded source for this valuable information. Chapters on logistics and protecting the infrastructure help personnel distinguish the specific risks and vulnerabilities of each unique institution and assists in identifying specific solutions for disaster and bioterrorism preparedness.

·Principles and techniques discussed are applicable to all disasters, both large and small, not just bioterrorism
·Technical aspects such as hospital power and telecommunications are covered, in addition to patient care, response to mass casualties, large-scale drills, and surge capacity.
·Organized along functional lines, patient flow, medical specialty, and infrastructure
·A complimentary website with supplementary materials, check-lists, and references enhances the text and provides additional resources for preparedness.
The Threat of Bioterrorism; Overview of NBC Weapons and Their Effects; Decontamination & Personal Protection; Governmental Response; Pre-hospital Response; Emergency Department; Infectious Disease & Internal Medicine; Surgical & Critical Care Response; Specialty Response; Nursing; Psychiatry & Social Service; Hospital Administration; Logistical Support; Security; Clinical Engineering/Biomedical Engineering; Facilities Management; Communications; Information Services; Biomaterials & Bioengineering Research and Development; Simulation & Training
clinical engineers, scientists, researchers, administrators, physicians, nurses.