Human Gene Evolution
Human Molecular Genetics Series


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Presents the principles of human gene evolution in a concise and easy to understand fashion. Uses examples of how evolutionary processes have molded present day genes, drawn from the evolution of humans and other primates, as well as from more primitive organisms. With increasing attention in this expanding area, this review forms a timely publication of our current knowledge of this important field.

Key Features
* Structure and function in the human genome
* The evolution of gene structure
* Mutational mechanisms in evolution
Introduction and Overview:
Structure and Function in the Human Genome.
Evolution of the Human Genome.
Evolution of Gene Structure:
Introns, Exons and Evolution.
Genes and Gene Families.
Promoters and Transcription Factors.
Pseudogenes and their Formation.
Mutational Mechanisms in Evolution:
Single Base-pair Substitutions.
Contractions and Expansions in Gene Size and Number.
Gross Gene Rearrangements.
Molecular Reconstruction of Ancient Genes/Proteins.
Indices of Human Gene Symbols used in the text.
Molecular Biologists, Geneticists