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Growth is a process which affects every individual from the hour of birth to the hour of death and forms a background to almost every medical discipline. This text provides an elementary overview of the manifestations of human growth from the cell cycle to growth inhibitors.
1.. Human growth after birth. Definition. Major factors in controlling growth. Molecular biology, genetics and growth. Processes of growth. Cell growth, division and the cell cycle. Cell differentiation. Regulation of cell populations. Growth of the intercellular matrix. Phases of growth. Growth curves. Mathematical models of growth. 2.. Growth in height and weight. Growth curves and growth heights. Prediction of adult height. The merits of size. Short stature and gigantism. The problems of extreme size. 3.. Growth of tissues. Connective tissues. Body fat. Skin. Muscle and Tendon. Nervous tissue. Cartilage and Bone. Body symmetry and asymmetry. 4.. Growth of systems. Patterns of growth by system. 5.. Indices of Maturity. Bone age. Dental age. Sexual age and puberty. Age of menarche. Estimation of chronological age from anatomical data. Neural age. Physiological age. Late and early development. 6.. Changes in shape and posture. The allometry equation. Shape of the infant. Changes in shape with growth. Classification of physique. Changes in posture with growth. Drawbacks of the erect posture. 7.. Genetic and hormonal factors influencing growth and maturation. Genetic control. Neural control. Growth hormones. 8.. Environmental factors influencing growth and maturation. Environmental effects on the body. Nutrition. Altitude. Secular trends. Socio-economic class. Disease. Antenatal. Seasonal. Climate. Exercise. Emotional. 9.. Growth and repair. Growth cycles: wear and tear. Growth activity in the reproductive tract. Repair of skin. Repair of fractures. Muscle. Joints and tendons. Other tissues and organs. Nerves. 10.. Disturbance of growth. General disturbances. Achondroplasia. Down's syndrome. Other genetic deficiencies. Pituitary dwarfism and growth hormone replacement. Thyroid hormones. Adrenal gland hormones. Sex hormones. Other hormones. Constitutional delayed growth. Determination of progress. Local disturbances. Congenital. Hyperplasia, hypoplasia aamp, hypertrophy. Atrophy. Malignancy and cancer. 11.. Old age. Senescence. Ageing of cells and tissues. Degeration. Changes in tissue matrix. Ageing of systems. Theories of ageing.