Human resources management (12nd ed )


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PART 1. Introduction
Chapter 1: Managing Human Resources Today
Chapter 2: Managing Equal Opportunity and Diversity
Chapter 3: Mergers, Acquisitions, and Strategic Human Resource Management
PART 2. Staffing the Organization
Chapter 4: Personnel Planning and Recruiting
Chapter 5: Selecting Employees
Chapter 6: Training and Developing Employees
PART 3. Appraising and Compensating Employees
Chapter 7: Performance Management and Appraisal
Chapter 8: Compensating Employees
PART 4. Employee and Labor Relations
Chapter 9: Ethics, Employee Rights, and Fair Treatment at Work
Chapter 10: Working with Unions and Resolving Disputes
Chapter 11: Improving Occupational Safety, Health, and Security
PART 5. Special Issues in Human Resource Management
Chapter 12: Managing Human Resources in Entrepreneurial Firms
Chapter 13: Managing HR Globally
Chapter 14: Measuring and Improving HR Management's Results