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This book presents engineers with solutions to the problems found in control applications in the commercial HVAC buildings industry. Using their experience to take readers beyond textbook principles, the authors offer suggestions for troubleshooting not found in any other book. Divided into two sections, HVAC Controls and Systems covers all aspects of commercial controls, including pneumatic, electric, and electronic controls. The first section discusses the hardware of the controls industry: thermostats and humidistats, dampers and damper motors, automatic valves, transmitters, auxiliary devices, construction systems and devices, and electronic products. The second section covers applications of the hardware for air handling
Unit systems, terminal systems and units, primary systems, heat pump cycles, distribution systems, supervisory systems, maintenance and operations, and total facility approach.
Overview. Thermostats. Dampers and Damper Motors. Automatic Valves. Pneumatic Transmitters, Indicating Receivers, and Receiver Controllers. Auxiliary Devices. Construction Systems and Devices. Electric and Electronic Products. Direct Digital Control. Air Handling
Unit Systems. Terminal Units and Systems. Primary Supply Systems. Heat Pumps and Heat Pump Controls. Distribution Systems of All Types. Supervisory Control and Total System Optimization. Operating and Maintaining Control and HVAC Systems. Total Facility Approach to Planning Controls.