Hydrometallurgy '94
Papers presented at the international symposium ‘Hydrometallurgy '94' organized by the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy and the Society of Chemical Industry, and held in Cambridge, England, from 11 to 15 July, 1994


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Hydrometallurgy '94 contains the 78 papers that were presented at the international symposium organized by the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy and the Society of Chemical Industry and held in Cambridge, England, in July 1994. In the papers specific attention is paid to the concept of sustainable development and the associated ideas of cleaner technology, recycling and waste minimization that have particular relevance to the extractiona nd processing of metals and other mineral products. The papers, by authors from 30 contries, are grouped under the headings: Hydrometallurgy and Sustainable Development, Materials Production and the Environment, Fundamentals, Leaching, Bioprocessing, Gold Solution Purification, Effluent Treatment, Processes, and Recycling.
Organizing committee and list of sponsors. Foreword. List of contributors. Hydrometallurgy and Sustainable Development: EU R&D activity and strategy for sustainable development in the mineral industries, A. Adjemian. Hydrometallurgy - an environmentally sustainable technology? M.T. Anthony, D. S. Flett. Environmental impact of increasing production of gold from hydrothermal resources, A.K. Haines. In-situ leaching recovery of copper: what's next? J.B. Hiskey. Hydrometallurgical processing of refinery slimes at Phelps Dodge: theory to practice, J.E. Hoffmann, B. Wesstrom. Materials production and the environment, R.C. Villas Bôas. Fundamentals: Reaction of galena in ferric sulphate-sulphuric acid media, J.E. Dutrizac, T.T. Chen. Multicomponent equilibrium calculations in process design: study of some acid digester reactors, P. Koukkari, H. Sippola, A. Sundquist. Hematite solubility in sulphate process solutions, V.G. Papangelakis, B.C. Blakey, H. Liao. Hydrothermal precipitation from aqueous solutions containing iron(III), arsenate and sulphate, P.M. Swash, A.J. Monhemius. Leaching: Heap leaching of poor nickel laterites by sulphuric acid at ambient temperature, S. Agatzini-Leonardou, D. Dimaki. Mechano-chemical treatment of tetrahedrite as a new non-polluting method of metals recovery, P. Baláz, et al. Non-traditional methods of treating high-silicon ores containing rare elements, S.V. Chizhevskaya, et al. Scope and limitations for application of selectivity in oxidation potential-controlled leaching of metal sulphides, N.L. Piret, J.F. Castle. Control of arsenic and selenium during nickel matte leaching, J.J. Robinson, K. Barbetti, R.P. Das. Electrochemical study of oxidative dissolution of syntheticviolarite in aqueous media, T.E. Wamer, N.M. Rice, N. Taylor. Bioprocessing: Stability of arsenical bacterial oxidation products, K. Adam, et al. Removal of iron from kaolin and quartz: dissolution with organic adds, C.F. Bonney. Bioreduction of gold on algae and with amtino acids, A.R. Gee, A.W.L. Dudeney. Metal speciation in bioleach solutions during bacterial dissolution of a complex mineral sulphide concentrate, M.A. Jordan, C.V. Phillips, D.W. Barr. Bacterial oxidation of an auriferous arsenical concentrate, C. Komnitsas, F.D. Pooley. Oxidation of arsenopyrite in bacterial ferric solutions, C. Komnitsas, F.D. Pooley. Effect of silver and bismuth on bioleaching of copper sulphide concentrates with thermophilic microorganisms, J.L. Mier, et al. Dissolved iron equilibrium in bacterial leaching systems, J.V. Wiertz, I. Godoy Rí,os, B. Escobar Miguel. Influence of substrate polarization on activity of Thiobacillus ferrooxidans in bioleaching, J.V. Wiertz, et al. Gold: Pretreatment by electrolytic or oxidative leaching for recovery of gold and silver from refractory sulphide concentrates, L.M. Abrantes, M.C. Costa, A.P. Paiva. Iodide-thiocynate leaching system for gold, O. Barbosa-Filho, A.J. Monhemius. Leaching and recovery of gold by use of acidothioureation on copper-mine wastes: laboratory and pilot-plant tests and process modelling, P.F. Kavanagh, et al. PRISMA - a hydrometallurgical process simulator: application in gold extraction from refractory pyrites, A. Kontopoulos, et al. Interrelationship between lixiviants and galvanic interaction during dissolution of gold, L. Lorenzen, J.S.J. van Deventer, M.T. van Meersbergen. Comparative performance of porous adsorbents in presence of gold cyan