Hysteresis in Magnetism
For Physicists, Materials Scientists, and Engineers

Electromagnetism Series


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This book provides a comprehensive treatment of the physics of hysteresis in magnetism and of the mathematical tools used to describe it. Hysteresis in Magnetism discusses from a unified viewpoint the relationsof hysteresis to Maxwells equations, equilibrium and non-equilibrium thermodynamics, non-linear system dynamics, micromagnetics, and domain theory. These aspects are then applied to the interpretation of magnetization reversal mechanisms: coherent rotation and switching in magnetic particles, stochastic domain wall motion and the Barkhausen effect, coercivity mechanisms and magnetic viscosity, rate-dependent hysteresis and eddy-current losses. The book emphasizes the connection between basic physical ideas and phenomenological models of interest to applications, and, in particular, to the conceptual path going from Maxwells equations and thermodynamics to micromagnetics and to Preisach hysteresis modeling.

Key Features
* The reader will get insight into the importance and role of hysteresis in magnetism; In particular, he will learn:
* which are the fingerprints of hysteresis in magnetism
* which are the situations in which hysteresis may appear
* how to describe mathematically these situations
* how to apply these descriptions to magnetic materials
* how to interpret and predict magnetic hysteresis phenomena observed experimentally
Introduction: Magnetic Hysteresis. Types of Hysteresis. Maxwells Equations and Thermodynamics: Maxwells Equations in Magnetic Media. Magnetic Work and Thermodynamics. Magnetic Free Energy: Exchange and Anisotropy. Micromagnetics. Magnetic Domains and Domain Walls. The Magnetization Process: Coherent Rotation. Domain Wall Motion. Magnetization Curves. Coercivity Mechanisms. Eddy Currents. Preisach Systems: Collections of Bistable Units. Hysteresis in Preisach Systems. Appendixes: Systems of Units. Vector Relations. Reciprocity Theorems. Micromagnetic Parameters. Stochastic Processes. Bibliography. Index.
AUDIENCE: Electrical Engineers, Graduate students and researchers in physics, who are interested in magnetism and magnetic materials and, more generally, in the physics of hysteresis phenomena, materials scientists and engineers working on the development and application of magnetic materials, and mathematicians investigating the mathematical structure of hysteresis non-linearities.
Giorgio Bertotti is a senior scientist at INRIM, Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica (previously known as IEN Galileo Ferraris), in Torino, Italy, where he has been a researcher since 1979. His research interests are in the field of magnetism and magnetic materials, hysteresis modeling, thermodynamics, noise phenomena. He is author of more than 200 scientific articles and of the book "Hysteresis in Magnetism".