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384 p. · Paperback

Your port of entry for setting up and managing your import/export business

Looking to conquer the exciting world of international trade? This practical guide covers the ins and outs of developing or expanding your global operations, showing you how to identify target markets, find customers, follow the rules and regulations, and much more. Plus, you get full contact information for international trade offices for dozens of countries.

  • Import/Export 101 * identify objectives, set goals, and determine how much money you need to invest (and how much you can earn) in an import/export business

  • Break into the business * find out how to select products to import or export and locate the firms that can supply them

  • Make your mark * get the 4-1-1 on how to create and deliver goods and services and the best ways to know you"re meeting customer needs, demands, and wants

  • Take the "no" out of negotiation * discover how to negotiate with anyone anywhere in the world, understand how the international negotiation process works, and close the deal

  • Report your results * discover how discover how to use financial data to prepare reports that show how well your company did during the month, quarter, or year

The bonus CD includes:

International references and resources, applications, permits, and other government forms, business plans and agreements, and more.

Please see the CD appendix for details and complete system requirements.

Open the book and find:

  • Products to import and export

  • How to set up an office for international trade

  • Tips to identify target markets and find customers

  • Plain-English explanations of rules and regulations

  • Guidance on completing licensing applications and shipping documents

  • An increased focus on global trade

  • America"s top trading partners

  • International negotiations and cultural differences

Learn to:

  • Export your products around the world

  • Import goods to sell in the U.S.

  • Ensure your business" growth and success

Access business documents, international resources, government forms, and much more on the accompanying CD

Introduction 1

Part I: Breaking into the Import/Export Business 7

Chapter 1: Introducing Import/Export 9

Chapter 2: Figuring Out Your Role in the Import/Export Business 19

Chapter 3: Rules and Regulations to Consider Before You Get Started 33

Chapter 4: Organizing for Import and Export Operations 49

Part II: Selecting Products and Suppliers 67

Chapter 5: Selecting the Right Products 69

Chapter 6: Connecting with Overseas Suppliers for Your Imports 75

Chapter 7: Finding U.S. Suppliers for Your Exports 87

Part III: Identifying Your Target Market and Finding Customers 95

Chapter 8: Looking at Marketing 97

Chapter 9: Researching Export Markets 121

Chapter 10: Researching Import Markets 129

Chapter 11: Making Export Contacts and Finding Customers 139

Chapter 12: Locating Customers for Your Imports 149

Part IV: Negotiating around the World 157

Chapter 13: How Negotiations Work 159

Chapter 14: What Makes Global Negotiating Different 167

Chapter 15: Doing Business around the World 177

Part V: Completing the Transaction: International Trade Procedures and Regulations 205

Chapter 16: Making the Sale: Pricing, Quotes, and Shipping Terms 207

Chapter 17: Methods of Payment 217

Chapter 18: Packing and Shipping with the Right Documentation 239

Chapter 19: Getting Your Goods: Customs Requirements and the Entry Process 255

Part VI: The Part of Tens 277

Chapter 20: Ten Keys to Becoming a Successful Importer 279

Chapter 21: Ten Keys to Becoming a Successful Exporter 285

Part VII: Appendixes 291

Appendix A: Resources 293

Appendix B: Multilingual Cross-Reference for International Shipping Terms 305

Appendix C: About the CD 315

Index 325