Industrial control electronics


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This book covers all areas of electronic control systems, with an emphasis on the application of components and systems to technical industries.
1. Introduction to Control Electronics.
I. Control System Components.
2. Electrical Control Devices.
3. Control Diagrams.
4. Solid State Devices.
II. Signal Conditioning and Power Control.
5. Transducers and Sensors.
6. Signal Conditioning.
7. SCRs, Triacs. and other Thyristors.
8. Solid-State Power Control.
III. Motors and Controls.
9. Industrial-Use Motors.
10. Special-Purpose Motors.
11. Electrical Power-Control Devices.
12. Control of Motors.
IV. Closed-Loop Control.
13. Analog Controllers.
14. Closed-Loop Systems.
V. Programmable Controllers and Power Distribution Effects.
15. Programmable Logic Controllers.
16. Power Distribution Effects on Industrial Electronic Controls.
VI. Safety and Automation
17. Safety Considerations - Personnel and Equipment.
18. Control of Robots and Work Cells.
  • surveys the state of automatic controls in industry today, and the components and devices of a standard control system.
  • discusses basic concepts and components, and progresses through motors and motor controls, to advanced operational systems.
  • explores issues of safety both personnel and equipment-and the use of automation.