Industrial electronics


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A thorough, practical introduction to industrial electronics encompassing the most up-to-date devices available. It provides detailed explanations of the structure and operation of common linear components, digital ICs and sensory devices electronics technicians are likely to encounter on the job, along with thorough analysis of commonly-used forms of industrial sensing and control circuitry. Written for the technician rather than the engineer, text coverage emphasizes practical circuit operation over complex control theory. Text mathematics never exceeds the level of basic algebra.
1. Basic On and Off Control Devices.
2. Operational Amplifiers and Comparators.
3. Thermal Transducers/Introduction to Signal Conditioning.
4. Other Transducers and Signal-Conditioning Circuitry.
5. Optoelectronic Devices and Signal Conditioning Circuitry.
6. Introduction to Pulse and Timing-Control Circuits.
7. SCRs, TRIACs, and Other Thyristors.
8. Introduction to Thyristor Control Circuits.
9. AC and DC Power Sources.
10. Motors and Magnetic Control Devices.
11. Theory of Closed-Loop Control Systems.
12. Microprocessors and Digital Control Systems.
13. Introduction to Microcomputer-Based Control Systems.
14. Introduction to Automated Control Systems and Robotics.
  • detailed coverage of power converters, high-frequency switching regulators, and switch-mode power supplies illustrate the evolution of these devices into complex control circuitry.
  • practical information is provided on modern digital control systems such as programmable controllers and microcontrollers, it thoroughly examines the Intel 8085 microprocessor and the 8096 microcontroller, machine language programming of Intel devices is covered in detail.
  • a wide variety of optoelectronic devices are introduced, from photo diodes to optical character reading systems.
  • two chapters are devoted to thyristors. One introduces the variety of thyristors used in industry, while the other explores thyristor applications, included is discussion of AC control applications of SCRs a