Information Society Development through ICT Market Strategies, 2015
Albania versus Other Developing Countries

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​This book examines the relationship between information society and information communication technology (ICT) markets, while evaluating the ICT impact on Albanian society and its economy. It offers insights on the country’s information society development and compares it to other nations. The book begins with a general introduction to information society and efforts that can be used for ICT strategy. It then takes a look at ICT as an industrial sector and uncovers the importance for a strong ICT infrastructure management. Using this background information, the book finally explores the growing information society and ICT sector found in Albania. It measures the information society being created, and compares it to other countries in South Eastern Europe. Next the authors introduce a theoretical model for ICT driven development, focusing on ICT innovation and investment as factors that can affect the ICT market. These factors have also taken into account for strategy development in the national and industry level.​
Introduction.- Information Society and the Efforts for an ICT Strategy.- ICT Sector and the Importance of ICT Infrastructure Management.- Information Society and ICT Sector in Albania, (Secondary Data).- A Theoretical Model For ICT Driven Development, Factors Affecting ICT Market.- Albanian Situation on the Relationship of Factors for ICT Market Development.- Conclusions and Recommendations. Anex 1. Anex 2.

Ermelinda Kordha is an Associate Professor of Management Information Systems and a part of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Vlora, Albania. Dr. Kordha has been a participant in a number of national and international conferences and has published her work in several national and international journals. She has also been an organizer of scientific activities in the university.

Kozeta Sevrani is a Professor of CS and MIS and Head of the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Informatics at University of Tirana, Albania. Her research interests include: digital divide; issues and solutions in building information infrastructure, e-business, e-learning, e-services and e-government in developing countries, particularly in Albania. She does an extended work in consulting private companies and government agencies in Albania.

Klodiana Gorica is an Associate Professor of Marketing and Tourism at the University of Tirana, Albania.

​Showcases the impact that the use of ICTs has on society and economy in Albania

Proposes a new model for Information Society development in the national and industry level

Includes comparative analyses between Albania and other South-East European countries, providing an overview of the region