Information Theory, Combinatorics, and Search Theory, 2013
In Memory of Rudolf Ahlswede

Theoretical Computer Science and General Issues Series

Coordinators: Aydinian Harout, Cicalese Ferdinando, Deppe Christian

Language: Anglais

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773 p. · 15.5x23.5 cm · Paperback

This volume is dedicated to the memory of Rudolf Ahlswede, who passed away in December 2010. The Festschrift contains 36 thoroughly refereed research papers from a memorial symposium, which took place in July 2011.

The four macro-topics of this workshop: theory of games and strategic planning; combinatorial group testing and database mining; computational biology and string matching; information coding and spreading and patrolling on networks; provide a comprehensive picture of the vision Rudolf Ahlswede put forward of a broad and systematic theory of search.

I. Information Theory.- 1 Two New Results for Identification for Sources.- 2 L-Identification for Uniformly Distributed Sources and the q-ary Identification Entropy of Second Order.- 3 Optimal Rate Region of Two-Hop Multiple Access Channel via Amplify-and-Forward Scheme.- 4 Strong Secrecy for Multiple Access Channels.- 5 Capacity Results for Arbitrarily Varying Wiretap Channels.- 6 On Oblivious Transfer Capacity.- 7 Achieving Net Feedback Gain in the Linear-Deterministic Butterfly Network with a Full-Duplex Relay.- 8 Uniformly Generating Origin Destination Tables.- 9 Identification via Quantum Channels.- 10 Classical-Quantum Arbitrarily Varying Wiretap Channel.- 11 Arbitrarily Varying and Compound Classical-Quantum Channels and a Note on Quantum Zero-Error Capacities.- 12 On the Value of Multiple Read/Write Streams for Data Compression.- 13 How to Read a Randomly Mixed Up Message.- 14 Multiple Objects: Error Exponents in Hypotheses Testing and Identification.- II. Combinatorics 15 Family Complexity and VC-Dimension.- 16 The Restricted Word Shadow Problem.- 17 Mixed Orthogonal Arrays, k-Dimensional M-Part Sperner Multi-families, and Full Multitransversals.- 18 Generic Algorithms for Factoring Strings.- 19 On Data Recovery in Distributed Databases.- 20 An Unstable Hypergraph Problem with a Unique Optimal Solution.- 21 Multiparty Communication Complexity of Vector–Valued and Sum–Type Functions.- 22 Threshold Functions for Distinct Parts: Revisiting Erd¨os–Lehner.- 23 On Some Structural Properties of Star and Pancake Graphs.- III. Search Theory.- 24 Threshold and Majority Group Testing.- 25 Superimposed Codes and Threshold Group Testing.- 26 New Construction of Error-Tolerant Pooling Designs.- 27 Density-Based Group Testing.- 28 Group Testing with Multiple Mutually-Obscuring Positives.- 29 An Efficient Algorithm for Combinatorial Group Testing.- 30 Randomized Post-optimization for t-Restrictions.- 31 Search for Sparse Active Inputs: A Review.- 32 Search When the Lie Depends on the Target.- 33 A Heuristic Solution of a Cutting Problem Using Hypergraphs.- 34 Remarks on History and Presence of Game Tree Search and Research.- 35 Multiplied Complete Fix-Free Codes and Shiftings Regarding the 3/4-Conjecture.- Michael Bodewig 36 Creating Order and Ballot Sequences.- Obituaries and Personal Memories.- Abschied.- 38 Rudi.- 39 Gedenkworte f¨ur Rudolf Ahlswede.- 40 In Memoriam Rudolf Ahlswede 1938 - 2010.- 41 Rudolf Ahlswede 1938-2010.- 42 Remembering Rudolf Ahlswede.- 43 Rudi Ahlswede.- 44 The Happy Connection between Rudi and Japanese Researchers.- 45 From Information Theory to Extremal Combinatorics: My Joint Works with Rudi Ahlswede.- 46 Mr. Schimanski and the Pragmatic Dean.- 47 Broken Pipes.- 48 Rudolf Ahlswede’s Funny Character.- 49 Two Anecdotes of Rudolf Ahlswede.- Bibliography of Rudolf Ahlswede’s Publications.

Provides a comprehensive picture of the vision Rudolf Ahlswede had and put forward of a broad and systematic theory of search

One third of the papers originated in framework of the ZiF cooperation group "Search Methodologies"

Includes obituaries and several stories and anecdotes to Rudolf Ahlswede's life