Innovation Policy, 2015
A Practical Introduction

SpringerBriefs in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Series

Coordinators: Vonortas Nicholas S., Rouge Phoebe C., Aridi Anwar

Language: Anglais

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122 p. · 15.5x23.5 cm · Paperback

This book provides a concise introduction to important aspects of contemporary innovation policy, with particular emphasis on its impact on economic growth and development. It addresses a non-specialist audience interested in quickly building background knowledge, getting familiar with the terminology, and understanding core concerns and debates in this area of policy. The book has its origins in a more extensive report to the World Bank prepared to impart background information to middle- and upper-level policy decision-makers and analysts as well as stakeholders from industry and universities from developing countries prior to engaging in intensive “how-to” policy training. Our audience also includes upper-level undergraduate and graduate students embarking on the study of innovation policy.

Featuring contributions from leading scholars and policy experts, this volume references critical readings presents a wide array of data, on the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of Innovation Policy for Growth and Development
  • University Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Alliances / Knowledge-Intensive Partnerships
  • Clusters / Science Parks / Knowledge Business Incubators
  • High Risk Finance
  • Intellectual Property, Standards
Ch 1 Introduction.- Ch 2 Fundamentals of Innovation Policy for Growth and Development.- Ch 3 University Entrepreneurship: A Survey of US Experience.- Ch 4 Strategic Alliances/Knowledge-Intensive Partnerships.- Ch 5 Clusters/Science Parks/Knowledge Business Incubators.- Ch 6 High-Risk Finance.- Ch 7 Intellectual Property, Standards. 

Provides an overview of important aspects of contemporary innovation policy, covering a wide range of concepts, principles, and emerging concerns and debates—from strategic alliances to intellectual property protection

Serves as a practical guide to selected issues in innovation policy as they relate primarily to economic growth and development

Features contributions from leading scholars and policy experts