Integrating educational technology into teaching


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Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching, 5e,the leading Educational Technology text on the market, introduces the concept of Technology Integration, shows pre-service teachers how to plan for Technology Integration, and offers them the opportunity to practice Technology Integration when designing curriculum to support and shape learning.

Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching, 5e incorporates two complementary instructional models to create a comprehensive technology integration framework built on strong research and proven techniques. The Technology Integration Planning Model (TIP Model) shows teachers how to create an environment in which technology can effectively enhance learning. While the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) framework, new for the 5th edition, provides teachers with the knowledge and skills to overcome obstacles when integrating technology into their curriculum-across the content areas. The text balances the 'why' and 'how' of using technology to support and shape the future of technology in education.

Part 1: Introduction and Background on Integrating Technology in Education

1 Educational Technology in Context: The Big Picture

2 Foundations of Effective Technology Integration Models: Theory and Practice

Part 2: Integrating Software Tutors and Tools into Teaching and Learning

3 Teaching with Instructional Software

4 Teaching with the Basic Software Tools: Word Processing, Spreadsheet, and Database Programs

5 Teaching with Software Tools: Beyond the Basic Programs

6 Teaching with Multimedia and Hypermedia Tools

Part 3: Linking to Learn: Principles and Strategies

7 Introducing the Internet and Other Distance Learning Tools

8 Integrating the Internet into the Curriculum

Part 4: Integrating Technology Across the Curriculum

9 Technology in English and Language Arts Instruction

10 Technology in English Language Learning and Foreign Language Instruction

11 Technology in Mathematics and Science Instruction

12 Technology in Social Studies Instruction

13 Technology in Music and Art Instruction

14 Technology in Physical Education and Health Education

15 Technology in Special Education