International business


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PART 1 Global Business Environment

Chapter 1 Globalization

PART 2 National Business Environments

Chapter 2 Cross-Cultural Business

Chapter 3 Politics, Law, and Business Ethics

Chapter 4 Economic Systems and Development

PART 3 International Trade and Investment

Chapter 5 International Trade

Chapter 6 Business Government Trade Relations

Chapter 7 Foreign Direct Investment

Chapter 8 Regional Economic Integration

PART 4 The International Financial System

Chapter 9 International Financial Markets

Chapter 10 International Monetary System

PART 5 International Business Management

Chapter 11 International Strategy and Organization

Chapter 12 Analyzing International Opportunities

Chapter 13 Selecting and Managing Entry Modes

Chapter 14 Developing and Marketing Products

Chapter 15 Managing International Operations

Chapter 16 Hiring and Managing Employees





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