International Review of Research in Mental Retardation
International Review of Research in Mental Retardation Series, Vol. 20

Director of collection: Bray Norman W.

Language: Anglais
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This serial was established under the editorship of Dr. Norman R. Ellis in 1966. As a result of his editorial effort and the contributions of many authors, the serial is now recognized as the area's best source of reviews of behavioral research on mental retardation. From its inception, active research scientists and graduate students in mental retardation have looked to this serial as a major source of critical reviews of research and theory in the area.
B.L. Baker, J. Blacher, C.B. Kopp and B. Kraemer, Parenting Children with Mental Retardation.
F.J. Floyd and C.L. Costigan, Family Interactions and Family Adaptation.
I.T. Milk, Studying Culturally Diverse Families of Children with Mental Retardation.
T. Heller, Older Adults with Mental Retardation and Their Families.
A. Gath, A Review of Psychiatric and Family Research in Mental Retardation.
M.S. Scott, R. Perou, A.H.Claussen and L.-L. Stoyko Deuel, A Cognitive Portrait of Grade School Students with Mild Mental Retardation.
N. Kirby, Employment and Mental Retardation.
Subject Index.
Researchers and graduate students in psychology and sociology.