Internationalizing the Curriculum in Organizational Psychology


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This book assembles state-of-the-art thinking on the internationalization of the curriculum of training centers in I/O and Work Psychology. The experts contributing chapters share their thoughts on the knowledge and skills that students must master in the 21st century, as well as their research on how we can develop students to be globally perceptive, culturally competent working professionals. Chapters cover a full range of topics such as: the scope of subject matter and content, learning objectives and outcomes, global competencies, co-curricular activities, experiential learning and the tacit curriculum, while curriculum development must stem from the philosophy of each institution, these philosophies may diverge in focus (e.g. science versus practice) and outcomes (e.g. jobs versus mastery). Therefore, the goal of the book is not to prescribe a particular curriculum, but rather to provide insight on possible curriculum elements that may be customized for use by training institutions.
Introduction.- Cross Cultural I/O Competencies: Enhancing Creativity and Innovation in Organizations.- Global I/O in the Classroom: Content &
Addresses the needs of a globalizing organizational environment
Provides insights for creating consistent standards
Identifies critical curriculum elements
International experts Barbara Kozusznik, Wenhua Yan, and Jose Maria Peiro present their research
Describes model programs
Explores faculty training issues