Introducing Research and Evidence-Based Practice for Nursing and Healthcare Professionals (2nd Ed.)


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Research can seem difficult to get to grips with. However, at the heart of this book is the view that research is essentially a simple activity, the principles of which can be readily understood by students new to the subject. Each chapter guides the reader to uncover the 'mysteries' of research, exposing each aspect in turn, while demonstrating how research in healthcare is a practical activity, orientated directly to patient care.

Fully updated to refer to the latest sources and studies, this book now includes:

  • Two new chapters on qualitative research, clearly explaining what it is and how to do it
  • A comprehensive glossary of qualitative and quantitative terms to demystify tricky terminology
  • An appendix of statistical tests, explaining the procedures for each
  • Many new examples from practice, applying the theory to a wide range of scenarios from across the healthcare professions

This book is designed for all students of nursing and allied health professions studying research for the first time. Research is illustrated through examples of activities familiar to students from their daily lives, helping to build confidence in undertaking research and evidence-based practice.

1. Research is Simple  2. The Literature: Looking at What We Already Know  3. Evidence-Based Practice  4. Research Methods and Design  5. The Nature and Collection of Data  6. Quantitative Analysis  7. Qualitative Research: What Exactly Is It?  8. Qualitative Research: How Exactly Is It Done?  9. How to Succeed with your Essay on Research and Evidence-Based Practice