Introduction to acoustics


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For senior undergraduate or graduate-level courses in Industrial Noise Acoustics. Focusing on the systems and engineering aspects of acoustics, this text emphasizes the importance of speech and hearing in our lives. Finch emphasizes real-world applications while combining principles from both electrical and mechanical engineering, along with instrumentation and basic measurement techniques. From vibrations and linear systems to noise control and acoustic systems, the text encompasses both simple and complex real world applications.
1: Vibration 2: Linear Systems 3: Waves in Fluids 4: Pipes and Horns 5: Audio Frequency Generators 6: Sensors 7: Piezoelectric Transducers 8: Instrumentation and Signal Processing 9: Basic Acoustic Measurements 10: Plane Waves in Large Enclosures 11: Series Solutions and Scattering 12: Vibration of Structural Elements 13: Propagation in Solids 14: Attenuation, Absorption and Damping 15: Nonlinear Acoustics 16: Noise Control 17: Acoustic Systems Appendices Index