Introduction to casino and gaming operations (2° ed )


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Engaging, readable, and authoritative, this book is the most comprehensive source available on the research and techniques involved in casino and gaming operations. It explores the function of casinos and their relationships to hotels, restaurants, resorts, and entertainment facilities. KEY TOPICS: Traces the history of the gaming industry and looks ahead to future areas of expansion. Moves from principles to practices, from overviews to detailed descriptions, all in a chronological context. Provides a new chapter on Internet gaming operations. Updates all references, expands and clarifies all charts and graphs. MARKET: The ideal reference for travel/gaming industry supervisors and managers, and for anyone interested in casino operations.
1. The Evolution of Gaming.
2. Pari-mutuel and Lottery Operations.
3. Slot and Video Operations.
4. Games of Chance.
5. Gaming Regulations.
6. Economic Impact of Casinos.
7. The Sociological Impact of Casino Gambling.
8. Native American Gambling.
9. River Boat and Cruise Ship Gambling.
10. Casino Marketing and Marketing Promotions.
11. Casino Financial and Accounting Control.
12. Security and Surveillance.
13. Modern Casino and Gaming Operations.
14. Canada Gambling in the Provinces.
15. International Casinos.
16. The Future of the Casino Industry.
17. Casino Gambling on the Internet.
  • NEW New chapter on Internet gaming operations.
    • Exposes students to new and interactive computer usage in the gambling industry.
  • Excellent historical perspective of international gambling.
    • Gives students well-needed historical background of where gambling started.
  • Extensive coverage of casino marketing Includes areas not discussed in marketing texts or other gaming industry texts.
    • Show students the wide diversity of what advertising and marketing have done for the gambling industry.
  • More in-depth analysis of pari-mutuel gaming and specific lottery operations than found in other texts.
    • Enables students to see more in-depth detail and specifics of the gambling industry.
  • Coverage of cas