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Hames and Ekern's Introduction to Law , 4/e will teachstudents the basic legal concepts related to substantive and procedural law, introduces them to cases, statutes, and the constitution, and develops their legal vocabulary and analytical skills. A new chapter on constitutional law, expanded coverage of employment and environmental law, and information on technology makes this an excellent resource for any Introduction to Law course for all disciplines of study including pre-law, legal studies, and business programs. Using this text, your students will learn how to develop their own critical-thinking skills, read high-interest cases, expand their legal vocabulary and discuss case law and issues impacting today's legal system.


Chapter 1 The Legal Community and Professional Responsibility

Chapter 2 The American Legal System

Chapter 3 Laws: Their Sources

Chapter 4 Finding the Law: Legal Research

Chapter 5 Using the Law: Analysis and Legal Writing


Chapter 6 Laws: Civil vs. Criminal

Chapter 7 Personal Injury Practice: Tort Law and Workers' Compensation

Chapter 8 Family Law

Chapter 9 Wills, Trusts, and Probate

Chapter 10 Business Practice: Contract Law and Property Law

Chapter 11 Business Practice: The Law of Business Organizations and Bankruptcy

Chapter 12 Civil Procedure Before Trial

Chapter 13 Alternative Dispute Resolution

Chapter 14 Criminal Practice: Criminal Law and Juvenile Law

Chapter 15 Criminal Procedure Before Trial

Chapter 16 Rules of Evidence

Chapter 17 The Trial

Chapter 18 Constitutional Law

Chapter 19 Law and Technology: A Paralegal Perspective

Appendix I The United States Constitution

Appendix II Paralegal Ethics

Appendix III Mock Trial

Appendix IV Basic Citation Reference Guide

Appendix V The Marvin v. Marvin Case

Appendix VI Federal Rules of Evidence 801-806

Appendix VII Recent United States Supreme Court Decisions

Appendix VIII Creating Research Strategies