Introduction to MATLAB for engineers and scientists (paper)


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146 p. · 23.5x17.8 cm · Paperback
Best-selling author, Delores Etter, introduces engineering professionals to general problem-solving and design techniques through a five-step process that uses MATLAB. Each chapter is organized around a specific application drawn from a variety of engineering disciplines - that illustrates a particular Matlab capability.
1. An Introduction to Engineering Problem Solving.
Grand challenges. Computing systems. An engineering problem solving methodology.

2. MATLAB Environment.
Characteristics of the MATLAB environment. Scalars, vectors, and matrices. Scalar and array operations. Special values and special matrices. Additional plotting capabilities. Problem solving applied: Velocity computations.

3. MATLAB Functions.
Math functions and trigonometric functions. Data analysis functions. Random numbers. Problem solving applied: Flight simulator. Selection statements and selection functions. User-written functions.

4. Matrix Computations.
Matrix operations and functions. Solutions to systems of linear equations.

5. Symbolic Mathematics.
Symbolic algebra. Equation solving. Differentiation and integration.

6. Numerical Techniques.
Interpolation. Curve fitting. Numerical integration. Numerical differentiation.

Complete Solutions to Practice! Problems.
  • brief introduction. At 160 pages this book introduces the basics of MATLAB, and allows instructors to cover additional materials in the same class in the same semester.
  • inexpensive. Allows instructors to reasonably require students to buy additional books and materials for the course.
  • concise. Provides coverage of all the material students will need to get them started using MATLAB for engineering problem solving.
  • version 4. Based on the newly-released Version 4 of MATLAB, and can be used with either the Student Edition Software or the Professional Version.
  • visualization. Emphasizes the visualization capabilities of MATLAB.
  • matrices. Introduces students to matrices, and then reinforces their understanding with many examp