Introduction to Modeling in Physiology and Medicine
Biomedical Engineering Series


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328 p. · 19.1x23.5 cm · Hardback
This unified modeling textbook for students of biomedical engineering provides a complete course text on the foundations, theory and practice of modeling and simulation in physiology and medicine. It is dedicated to the needs of biomedical engineering and clinical students, supported by applied BME applications and examples.

  • Developed for biomedical engineering and related courses: speaks to BME students at a level and in a language appropriate to their needs, with an interdisciplinary clinical/engineering approach, quantitative basis, and many applied examples to enhance learning
  • Delivers a quantitative approach to modeling and also covers simulation: the perfect foundation text for studies across BME and medicine
  • Extensive case studies and engineering applications from BME, plus end-of-chapter exercises
Introduction; 2 Physiological Complexity and the Need for Models; 3 – Models and the Modeling Process; 4 – Modeling the Data; 5 – Modeling the System; 6 – Model Identification; 7 – Parametric Models – The Identifiability Problem; 8 – Parametric Models – The Estimation Problem; 9 – Non-parametric Models - Signal Estimation; 10 - Model Validation; 11 - Case Studies
Graduate and senior undergraduate students of biomedical engineering; plus applied mathematics and related clinical students of physiology and medicine