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The bestselling guide to real estate, newly revised for today's investors

More than ever, investing in property today will set you on track to conquer financial uncertainty and build your long-term net worth. Investing in Real Estate, Seventh Edition offers dozens of experience- proven methods to convert these challenging times into the best of times.

Whether you want to fix and sell or buy, improve, and hold, market savvy real estate investor Gary W. Eldred shows you how to achieve your goals. He provides time-tested ways to grow a profitable portfolio and shows you how property investing can deliver twenty-two sources of financial return. You'll learn how to negotiate like a pro, read market trends, and choose from multiple possibilities to finance your properties. This timely new edition also includes:

  • Historical context to emphasize how bargain prices and near record low interest rates now combine to offer unprecedented potential for short- and long-term profits

  • Successfully navigate and meet today's loan underwriting standards

  • How to obtain discounted property prices from banks, underwater owners, and government agencies

  • How to value properties accurately*and, when necessary, intelligently challenge poorly prepared lender appraisals

  • Effective techniques to acquire REOs and short sales on favorable terms within reasonable time frames

  • How to market and manage your properties to outperform other investors

  • And much more!

Join the pros who are profiting from today's market. All you need is the knowledge edge provided by Investing in Real Estate, Seventh Edition*the most favored and reliable guide to gaining the rewards that real estate offers.

'This is the best how-to-invest-in-real-estate book available.' *Robert Bruss

INVEST NOW for Large Future Gains

INVEST NOW for Increasing Cash Flows

INVEST NOW for Lifetime Security

Prologue: Invest in Property Now

Today"s Odds Point Directly towards Present and Future Gains

Develop and Execute Your Strategy Now


Chapter 1 Achieve a Prosperous Future: 22 Ways You Can Earn Profits with Property

1.1 Potential Sources of Profit from Investment Property

1.2 Is Property Your Best Investment Choice?


Chapter 2: OPM: Borrow Smart, Raise Cash, Build Equity

2.1 The Birth of "Nothing Down"

2.2 Should You Invest With Little or No Cash or Credit?

2.3 Maximize Leverage with Owner-Occupancy Financing

2.4 What Are the Loan Limits?

2.5 High Leverage for Investor-Owner Financing

2.6 How to Build Confidence with Lenders, Equity Investors, Sellers, and Sales Agents


Chapter 3: Appraisal: Ins and Outs of Market Value

3.1 What Is Market Value?

3.2 How to Estimate Market Value

3.3 Property Description

3.4 The Cost Approach

3.5 The Comparable Sales Approach

3.6 The GRM Income Approach

3.7 Income Capitalization

3.8 Valuation Methods: Summing Up


Chapter 4: Maximize Cash Flows And Grow Your Equity

4.1 Will the Property Yield Good Cash Flows?

4.2 Will the Property Yield Profitable Increases in Price?

4.3 Summing Up

Chapter 5: Pay Less than Market Value

5.1 Why Properties Sell for Less (or More) than Market Value

5.2 Prepare Screening Criteria

5.3 Bargain Sellers

5.4 Seller Disclosures

5.5 Summary

Chapter 6: Profit with Foreclosures

6.1 The Foreclosure Process

6.2 Buy Pre-Foreclosures from Distressed Owners

6.3 Prequalify Homeowners and Properties

6.4 Finding Homeowners in Default (Prefiling)

6.5 Find Homeowners (Post-Filing)

6.6 Satisfy Lenders and Lien Holders

6.7 Profit from the Foreclosure Auction

6.8 The Foreclosure Sale: Summing Up

Chapter 7: Profit from REOs and Other Bargain Sales

7.1 Sad For Sellers/Builders, Bargains For You

7.2 How to Find REOs

7.3 HUD Homes and Other HUD Properties

7.4 Department of Veterans Affairs (REOs)

7.5 Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac REOs

7.6 Federal Government Auctions

7.7 Buy from Foreclosure Speculators

7.8 Probate and Estate Sales

7.9 Private Auctions


Chapter 8: Profit by Creating Value

8.1 Fix, Sell, Profit!

8.2 Your "Fixer" Search

8.3 Improvement Possibilities

8.4 Required Repairs and Improvements

8.5 You Can Improve Everything about a Property-Including its Location

8.6 What Types of Improvements Pay the Greatest Returns?

8.7 Budgeting for Resale Profits

8.8 Comply with Laws and Regulations

8.9 Should You Buy a "Fixer"?


Chapter 9: More Techniques To Profit with Property

9.1 Lease Options

9.2 Lease Purchase Agreements

9.3 Conversions

9.4 Master Leases

9.5 Assignments: Flipping Purchase Contracts

9.6 Summary

Chapter 10: Negotiate a Win-Win Purchase Agreement

10.1 Win-Win Principles

10.2 The Purchase Contract

10.3 Summary


Chapter 11: Strategic Management Builds Equity

11.1 The 10:1 Rule (More or Less)

11.2 Smart Strategic Decisions

11.3 Cut Operating Expenses

11.4 Add Value: Closing Words

Chapter 12: Develop the Best...