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President Rouhani'’s Foreign Policy


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President Rouhani came to power in Iran in 2013 promising to reform the country's long-contentious foreign policy. This book evaluates Rouhani's foreign policy track record during his first two years in office, looking at case studies of Armenia, Azerbaijan, the UAE, Turkey, and Syria and the high profile Iran-US relationship.
1. Rouhani's first two years in office: Opportunities and risks in contemporary Iran; Shahram Akbarzadeh & Dara Conduit 2. Iran and the changing regional strategic environment; Amin Saikal 3. Iran's Janus-Faced US Policy: The Rouhani Administration between Continuity and Change, Opportunity and Constraint; Morgane Colleau 4. Brothers or Comrades at Arms? Iran's relations with Armenia and Azerbaijan; James Barry 5. The UAE and Iran: The different layers of a complex security issue; William Guéraiche 6. How foreign is the Kurdish issue in Iranian foreign policy?; Costas Laoutides 7. Mesopotamian nexus: Iran, Turkey and the Kurds; William Gourlay 8. Charting a new course? Testing Rouhani's foreign policy agency in the Iran-Syria relationship; Shahram Akbarzadeh & Dara Conduit 9. Bonyads as Agents and Vehicles of the Islamic Republic's Soft Power; William Bullock Jenkins 10. Future Prospects; Shahram Akbarzadeh & Dara Conduit
This book will provide a useful secondary text for undergraduate units on International Relations, Foreign Policy Analysis, Iranian politics or Middle East politics.]

The compilation of opinions by leading scholars in this book represents a sophisticated contribution to Iranian studies, which will be welcomed by senior academic circles.

This volume is relevant to policy makers and think tanks interested in contextualizing the Iran nuclear deal.