Key correctional issues (2nd ed )


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Part I

Introductory Remarks

Chapter 1

The Correctional Key: In/Out - Lock'em Up and Throw Away the Key

Roslyn Muraskin

Chapter 2

Correctional Overview

Roslyn Muraskin

Chapter 3

Correctional History

Roslyn Muraskin

Chapter 4

Issues in Corrections: Changing Goals of Corrections

Roslyn Muraskin

Part II

Issues in Corrections

Chapter 5

Management within a Correctional Institution

Susan C. Craig

Chapter 6

Working with Mentally Disordered Offenders in Corrections

Key Sun

Chapter 7

Introduction to 'Prisoner Reentry: The Iron Law of Imprisonment'

Roslyn Muraskin

Chapter 8

Prisoner Reentry: The Iron Law of Imprisonment

Jeremy Travis

Chapter 9

Key Correctional Numbers: Are We Becoming a Nation of Ex-Cons?

Roslyn Muraskin

Chapter 10

Managing Sex Offenders: Exploring Public Opinion

Michelle Coglan & Eleanor Maticka-Tyndale

Chapter 11

The Current Status of Inmates Living with HIV/AIDS

Mark Lanier & Roberto Hugh Potter

Chapter 12

Further Need for Epidemiological Criminology

Mark M. Lanier, Karol Lucken & Timothy A. Akers

Chapter 13

Faith-Based Prisons: An International Perspective

Janice Joseph

Chapter 14

Arresting Decline and Unlocking Potential: The Standards and Accreditation Approach to Professionalizing Jails

Keith N. Haley & Scott Blough

Chapter 15

Technocorrections: Biometric Scanning and Corrections

Janice Joseph & Rupendra Simlot

Part III

Death Penalty

Chapter 16

The Case for Life or Death: Aggravating and Mitigating Circumstances in Capital Murder Trials

Beth Bjerregaard, M. Dwayne Smith & Sondra J. Fogel

Chapter 17

Key Issues in Capital Punishment

Alan S. Bruce & Theresa A. Serverance

Chapter 18

Trends in the Use of Capital Punishment: At the Dawn of the Twenty-First Century

David Baker

Part IV

Gender: Females, Minorities and Young Girls

Chapter 19

Gender Responsive Programs: Addressing the Special Needs of Incarcerated Women

Alana Van Gundy

Chapter 20

The Experience of Women Serving Life Sentences

Sherri L. Browning, Cheryl L. Meyer & Megan M. Mark

Chapter 21

Incarcerated Adult and Juvenile Females: Special Issues to Consider

Michele W. Covington & Jana L. Jasinski waiting

Chapter 22

Women Prisoners: Their Needs

Renita L. Seabrook & Ramona