Laboratory exercices in microbiology


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384 p. · 27.9x23.5 cm · Hardback
Designed for the introductory microbiology laboratory, this manual offers more than 80 individual exercises ranging from basic to more advanced topics. Each exercise features a comprehensive overview with key terms in bold-face type, learning objectives, references to texts, materials and procedures, and report forms.

Part 1 The Ubiquity of Microorganisms
Part 2 Microscopy in Microbiology
Part 3 Bacterial Morphology and Staining Methods
Part 4 Culture Media Preparation and Their Sterilization
Part 5 Pure-Culture Techniques
Part 6 Biochemical Activities of Bacteria
Part 7 Control of Microbial Populations
Part 8 Bacterial Genetics
Part 9 Viruses
Part 10 Recombinant DNA Techniques
Part 11 Eucaryotic Microorganisms
Part 12 Microorganisms and Disease
Part 13 Microbial Ecology
Part 14 Industrial and Applied Microbiology