Lanthanides in organic synthesis


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Organic synthesis with lanthanides has experienced enormous growth in the last ten years. Numerous synthetic reactions have been explored by the use of lanthanide reagents, and some of these have become indispensablein modern organic synthesis. This book describes the remarkable scope and potential of these reagents, addressing this rapidly growing area from a practical point-of-view. The author has summarized synthetically useful and novel organic transformations, emphasizing the characteristic properties of lanthanide reagents. These transformations are concisely and skillfully presented in many schemes and tables, with actual illustrative preparations. The coverage includes the use of lanthanide metals, the powerful divalent reagents such as samarium (II) iodide, the key trivalent reagents and their particular role as catalysts in selective reductions and cycloadditions, and the tetravalent lanthanides as oxidants.
Introduction. General Properties of Lanthanides. The Use of Lanthanide Metals in Synthesis. Divalent Lanthanides. Trivalent Lanthanides. Tetravalent Lanthanides. Index of Compounds and Methods.