Leadership and Nursing (2nd Ed.)
Contemporary perspectives


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Leadership is fundamental to the nature of nursing to ensure the development of safe practice, interdisciplinary relationships, education, research and ultimately, the delivery of quality healthcare.

Leadership and Nursing: Contemporary Perspectives 2e presents a global perspective of leadership issues within the Australian context. It builds on the premise that nursing leadership is for all nurses - not just those who are authorised to hold a position within an organisation. In addition, this book explores how leadership is not possible until one has an understanding of self and what motivates others.

The text is aimed at senior undergraduate and postgraduate nursing students making the transition to practice as well as professional nurses seeking to strengthen their clinical practice and governance.

Foreword - by Professor Hester Klopper


  1. Leading and managing in nursing practice: Concepts, processes and challenges
  2. Psychological influences on leadership style
  3. Power, politics and gender: Issues for nurse leaders and managers
  4. Leadership, ethics and nursing work environments
  5. Organisation violations: Implications for leadership
  6. Leadership and healthcare change management
  7. Leading research to enhance nursing practice
  8. Leadership in health informatics: A pathway to twenty-first century patient care
  9. Leading contemporary approaches to nursing practice
  10. Governance of nursing practice: Steps for the quality and safety of healthcare
  11. Indigenous leadership in nursing: Speaking life into each other's spirits
  12. Leadership and its influence on patient outcomes
  13. Leadership and empowerment in nursing
  14. Leadership and health policy
  15. Developing and sustaining self
  16. Interprofessional education (IPE): Learning together to practise collaboratively
  17. Leadership and the role of professional organisations
  18. Leading nursing in the Academy
  19. Avoiding derailment: Leadership strategies for identity, reputation and legacy management
Undergraduate and postgraduate nursing students. Practising nurses and managers.