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1. History, Psychology, and Leadership, Bruce Mazlish.
2. The Law of the Father: Leadership and Symbolic Authority in Psychoanalysis, Melvyn Hill.
3. Leadership Systems in World Cultures, David M. Rosen.
4. Leadership as a Political Act, Barbara Kellerman.
5. The Social, Organizational, and Cultural Context of Effective Leadership, Martin M. Chemers.
6. Organizational Leadership: The Contingency paradigm and Its Challenges, James G. Hunt.
7. Feminist Scholarship on Political Leadership, Susan J. Carroll.


8. The Role of Leadership in the Construction of Reality, Sonia M. Hunt.
9. Cultural Leadership and the AvanteGarde, Monica Strauss.
10. Adult Leadership and Adult Development: A Constructivist View, Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey.
11. Assessing Political Leaders: The Criterion of 'Mental Health', Stanley A. Renshon.
12. Leadership: The Socratic Model, Leonard Grob.