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Brief Contents Chapter 1. Psychology in Learning and Teaching: Building the Context Section Part 1: Development and Individual Differences . Chapter 2. Exploring Development and Its Biological Bases Chapter 3. Understanding Cognitive and Social/Emotional Development Section Part 2: The Knowledge Base .Chapter 4. The Nature of Knowledge and the Process of Knowing Chapter 5. Learning and Teaching in Academic Domains Chapter 6. Changing Knowledge and Beliefs and Promoting Transfer Section Part 3: Strategic Processing and Executive Functioning .Chapter 7. Strategic Learning and Strategic Teaching Chapter 8. Profiling Problem Solving in the Classroom Section Part 4: Motivation and Affect .Chapter 9. Motivation and Learning: Optimizing the Experience Chapter 10. The Role of Student Beliefs in Learning and Achievement Section Part 5: Situation or Context .Chapter 11. Shared Learning and Shared Teaching Chapter 12. Technology and the Educational Process Section Part 6: Assessment .Chapter 13. The Role of Assessment in Teaching and Learning Chapter 14. Traditional and Alternative Approaches to Teacher-Made Tests References