Legal and ethical issues in nursing


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The fifth edition of Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing is the essential book that combines legal and ethical knowledge for students and practicing nurses in one text. It reflects the continuing influence that the law, legal issues, and the field of ethics have on the professional practice of nursing.Readers familiar with earlier editions will recognize that much of the content in this book is new or updated to mirror changes in the practice of professional nursing. This edition also combines the field of ethics with legal issues, as these two aspects of professional nursing practice cannot truly be separated. This is a perfect resource for graduate nursing students or professional nurses needing an additional reference.

Part I: Ethics

Chapter 1: Ethics

Chapter 2: Application of Ethics in Nursing Practice Settings

Part II: Law and the Judicial Process

Chapter 3: Legal Concepts and the Judicial Process

Chapter 4: Anatomy of a Lawsuit

Part III: Liability Issues

Chapter 5: Standards of Care

Chapter 6: Tort Law

Chapter 7: Nursing Liability: Defenses

Chapter 8: Informed Consent and Patient Self-Determination

Chapter 9: Documentation and Confidentiality

Chapter 10: Professional Liability Insurance

Part IV: Impact of the Law on the Professional Practice of Nursing

Chapter 11: Nurse Practice Acts, Licensure, and Scope of Practice

Chapter 12: Advanced Nursing Practice Roles

Chapter 13: Employment Laws: Corporate Liability Issues

Chapter 14: Nursing Administration and the Nurse-Manager

Chapter 15: Delegation and Supervision

Chapter 16: Selected Federal Laws

Part V: Impact of the Law on Nursing in Selected Practice Settings

Chapter 17: Acute Care Settings

Chapter 18: Ambulatory Care Settings

Chapter 19: Managed Care Settings

Chapter 20: Community Health Settings

Chapter 21: Long Term Care Settings