Lenk's video handbook (2nd ed' 96)


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No matter what your level of skill from electronics engineer and technician to advanced hobbyists and student this practical guide gives you all of the vital information you need to understand, service, diagnose, and repair today's state-of-the-art video equipment. Best-selling electronics author John D. Lenk clarifies the inner workings of modern video equipment and provides expert guidance and hands-on techniques for testing, adjusting, and troubleshooting. Now greatly expanded, this classic illustrated reference contains important new information about digital video technology, with new chapters and sections on digital video, laser discs, and the latest VCRs and camcorders.
Understanding and Troubleshooting Video Circuits. Basic Video Circuits (Black and White TVs and Monitors). Basic Video Color Circuits. Digital Video Circuits. VHS Video Circuits. Beta Video Circuits. Camera and Camcorder Video Circuits (VHS and 8mm). 8-mm Video Format. Video Discs.