Lipases, Part B: Enzyme Characterization and Utilization
Methods in Enzymology Series, Vol. 286

Editors-in-Chief: Abelson John N., Simon Melvin I.

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Subject for Lipases, Part B: Enzyme Characterization and Utilization

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Regulation and Characterization:
A.B.R. Thomson, A. De Pover, M. Keelan, E. Jarocka-Cyrta, and M.T. Clandinin, Inhibition of Lipid Absorption as an Approach to the Treatment of Obesity: An Overview.
C. Holm, D. Langin, V. Manganiello, P. Belfrage, and E. Degerman, Regulation of Hormone-Sensitive Lipase Activity in Adipose Tissue.
D.Y. Hui, Use of Gene Knockout Mice to Establish Lipase Function.
R. Zolfaghari, R. Shamir, and E.A. Fisher, Properties of Pancreatic Carboxyl Ester Lipase in mRNA-Injected Xenopus Oocytes and Transfected Mammalian Hepatic and Intestinal Cells.
G. Olivecrona and A. Lookene, Noncatalytic Functions of Lipoprotein Lipase.
E.H. Harrison and E.S. Kempner, Radiation Inactivation Studies of Hepatic Cholesteryl Ester Hydrolases.
M. Aoubala, I. Douchet, S. Bezzine, M. Hirn, R. Verger, and A. De Caro, Immunological Techniques for the Characterization of Digestive Lipases.
Substrate and Inhibitor Characterization:
D.M. Small, Physical Behavior of Lipase Substrates.
T. Hongel, K. Jorgensen, D. Stokes, R.L. Biltonen, and O.G. Mouritsen, Phospholipase A2 Activity and Physical Properties of Lipid-Bilayer Substrates.
S. Ransac, Y. Gargouri, F. Marguet, G. Buono, C. Beglinger, P. Hildebrand, H. Lengsfeld, P. Hadvary, and R. Verger, Covalent Inactivation of Lipases.
S.R. Feaster and D.M Quinn, Mechanism-Based Inhibitors of Mammalian Cholesterol Esterase.
L. Haalck and F. Spener, On the Inhibition of Microbial Lipases by Tetrahydrolipstatin.
S. Ransac, M. Ivanova, R. Verger, and I. Panaiotov, Monolayer Techniques for Studying Lipase Kinetics.
W.E. Momsen and H.L. Brockman, Recovery of Monomolecular Files in Studies of Lipolysis.
S. Labourdenne, A. Cagna, B. Delorme, G. Esposito, R. Verger, and C. Riviere, Oil-Drop Tensiometer: Applications for Studying the Kinetics of Lipase Action.
F. Ferrato, F. Carriere, L. Sarda, and R. Verger, A Critical Reevaluation of the Phenomenon of "Interfacial Activation".
Biocatalytic Utility:
U. Ader, P. Andersch, M. Berger, U. Goergens, B. Haase, J. Hermann, K. Laumen, R. Seemayer, C. Waldinger, and M.P. Schneider, Screening Techniques for Lipase Catalyst Selection.
K. Hult and M. Holmquist, Kinetics, Molecular Modeling, and Synthetic Applications with Microbial Lipases.
P. Andersch, M. Berger, J. Hermann, K. Laumen, M. Lobell, R. Seemayer, C. Waldinger, and M.P. Schneider, Ester Synthesis via AcylTransfer Transesterification.
J.J. Lalonde, M.A. Navia, and A.L. Margolin, Cross-Linked Enzyme Crystals of Lipases as Catalysts for Kinetic Resolution of Acids and Alcohols.
G.A. Hutcheon, P.J. Halling, and B.D. Moore, Measurement and Control of Hydration in Nonaqueous Biocatalysis.
T. Anthonsen and J.A. Jongejan, Solvent Effect in Lipase-Catalyzed Racemate Resolution.
E. Cernia and C. Palocci, Lipases in Supercritical Fluids.
H. K.Weber and K. Faber, Stabilization of Lipases against Deactivation of Acetaldehyde Formed in Acyl Transfer Reactions.
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